BBQ is a full-time sport, so join in and come get some!

This California special is whiskey smoke grilled and pre-rubbed with paprika amongst other ingredients. That first bite won’t be your last folks.

Our rubbed pork shoulder is slapped with our shack made rub that includes good old garlic and mustard. We then slowly smoke our pork over peach and charcoal embarking a deep and rich flavor that can only be described as BBQ bliss.

Our smoked “Razorback” ribs have plenty of down-home flavor. Rubbed with our special blend of goodness and brown sugar we then smoke’em low and slow. Hey, get em St. Louis or baby back style.

Our classic pairing of beer, seasoning salt and other secret stuff makes this yardbird a BIG HIT!

Smoked sausage and dogs, greedy grilled to our specifications to enhance the natural spices and flavors.

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Chato’s Chili Beans
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California Fresh Fruit Salad