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Still Smokn BBQ - Where barbeque is a full time sport....Come get some!

Our Menu

Sauced up with flavor to savor. Brown sugar with spice so right it cant be wrong!

$ Pricing 40 guests and up

Garlic and sea salt makes these meat monsters tame and tender to slice.

Special spices and that good ol' brown sugar makes em tender and juicy to the bite.

Chicken like no other, twice smoked that seasoning salt and IPA gone make you want it more and more.

Low and slow smoked over sweet wood, the honey and garlic give it a flavor explosion!

The original fan favorite done Still Smok’n style.

Right side....Right on time!

Sides Menu

$ Pricing 40 guests and up

Often imitated, but never duplicated, 4 cheeses and bacon, smoked over hickory….nuff said.

The best of the best. The creamy and tangy ingredients make this a popular choice of America.

A classic with chopped veggies and Italian dressing to give it that kick you love.

Chopped olives and celery give this salad that summer taste we all remember.

Sweet, smokey n sassy. The side that goes together with everything.

$ Pricing 40 guests and up

3 bean new mexico chili, bold but not too spicy, put you boots up and get sum.

That creamy and tangy slaw you love, paprika and smoked cider vinegar dressing.

Julius himself would approve. Light and crisp with dressing to get it happy in the bowl.

The one we all know with garden ripe and fresh ingredients to add to the party.

Crisp and refreshing on that warm summer day!

Pulled Pork Sandwich...tangy sauced, best thing between bread!